In December 2017, 18 months on from the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, the first stage of negotiations relating to the UK’s departure from the EU concluded. At this stage in the process, what do we know about the possible impact on public health services?

A new briefing paper, Brexit and mental health, from the Mental Health Network NHS Confederation (MHN) which represents 93% of statutory mental health trusts in England, sets out an assessment of the possible implications of Brexit and some of the key questions relating to future workforce supply and legislation.

The implications of the UK’s departure from the European Union for the NHS are far-reaching. Some of these implications will require clarity as talks progress, for example around future workforce supply and regulation. The report makes clear that without access to European Union workers the sector could come under “intolerable strain” and that it would be impossible for the UK to train enough nurses in time to make up any Brexit shortfall.

The UK’s departure from the EU will have significant implications for mental health services and the wider NHS. This comes at a time when our services are already experiencing significant challenges. We must ensure that the NHS continues to have a sustainable pipeline of staff.  MNH

Healthperm agrees with these findings regarding the need for a sustainable pipeline of staff for the NHS.  While acknowledging that the needs of the social and healthcare sector are understandably complex, Healthperm’s CEO, Mr Steve Howson, cautions against over-restrictive immigration policies. “When considering the social value which healthcare workers bring”, said Mr Howson, “the key factor is to understand the lifetime cost of staff recruitment, deployment and retention during their tenure as well as the added value they contribute by ongoing development once in post. We are confident that we can support Hosptial and Mental Health Trusts in sourcing high caliber staff in both the Philippines and Middle East.”

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