nurseThe release of new figures by the Nursing and Midwifery Council clearly shows the continued decline in the number of nurses practicing in the UK compared to a year ago.  Whilst a decrease of 500 nurses across the country may not sound a lot it comes on top of a trend that has been evident for a number of months and, if you’re the patient who is impacted by such staff shortages, then the impact on your care could be considerable.

Registrations in all fields of nursing have reduced in the last 2 years with only 1 exception.  The revised register of 690,278 nurses and midwives continues to be impacted by retirement and particularly by European nurses continuing to return to their home countries.  The uncertainty around Brexit, therefore, continues to impact on workforce deployments with Trusts facing continued pressure regarding staff retention.  Only 805 nurses from EU joined the register in the last 12 months compared to 6,382 in 2016-2017!

Steve Howson, CEO of Healthperm, stated that given the dynamics of the nursing workforce International recruitment from outside of the EU provides a strong and viable option for proactively managing workforce vacancies.  Healthperm continues to build a strong track record with a number of Trusts across the UK of deployment of nurses from the Philippines and the Middle East.  Our aim is to focus on deployment of permanent staff in order to both help build a stable workforce and reduce the significant burden of agency costs.

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