Healthperm welcomes a new report by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) which stresses the need for the Government to take action on the NHS’s deepening shortage of nurses.

The RCN reports the current number of nursing applications for the next academic year has fallen by a third since the same point in 2016, and by 13% since last year.

NHS Digital’s quarterly update detailing vacancy rates for a range of health professionals also showed that the number of unfilled advertised nursing and midwifery posts in England reached 34,260 in the three months to September – the highest level since records began. Across England as a whole, only one in seven of all empty nursing posts were filled.

The Royal College of Nursing voiced its alarm at how the unprecedented number of such vacancies had revealed “an NHS desperately short of nurses”.

Commenting on the report, Steve Howson, CEO at Healthperm Resourcing, said, “We believe a balanced approach is needed for the recruitment and retention of NHS staff. At Healthperm we are developing a strong track record of sourcing and delivering Filipino nurses from across the globe to support workforce recruitment and retention strategies.”

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Read the full report. Left to Chance: The Health and Care Nursing Workforce Supply in England.

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