What nationality are the nurses?
We source candidates mainly from the Philippines as we know there is a sustainable supply of healthcare workers wishing to relocate abroad. We do however have candidates from other parts of the world who have applied to us including India, the Caribbean etc.
How long will the process take from start to finish?
The process of deployment and therefore the time it takes varies. Our average deployment time in 2017 was 243 days from the day of job acceptance.
What qualifications do the nurses have?
Our nurses are highly qualified, have a degree in nursing, have passed either the Academic IELTS test with a band score of 7.0 or the OET, and have at least 1 years’ experience in a hospital setting. Also, some nurses are offered for interview having already passed the CBT exam, which allows for faster deployment.
What is a simple step by step guide from start to finish?
Job Order > Recruitment > Screening > Short listing > Interviews > Job Offer > Education & Registration > Deployment > Starting Work. We are able to support hospitals who have taken the decision to undertake international recruitment for the first time and can supply references from our clients who have done this with us.
What is a Job Order?
It is a document needed by the Philippine government to allow the deployment of Filipino nurses to the UK. It contains the number and type of nurses required, including the package. This is registered with the Philippines Overseas Employment Agency (POEA).
Who helps the nurse arrive in the UK?
Healthperm supports the candidate from the application stage in the Philippines right through to starting work in the UK – one seamless process. On arrival we transfer nurses to their new accommodation and facilitate their initial orientation. We stay in contact with our candidates for the first few months supporting them in settling in to their new roles.
What happens if the candidate arrives and is not happy or up to standard?
If the candidate is not performing or wants to leave for whatever reason, Healthperm will offer a free replacement within the 1st month.

Employer FAQs

Who chooses the candidates for short listing?
All of our recruiters are medically trained themselves, they know how health services work which is why we can find the right candidates for the right roles.
Where are interview conducted?
Healthperm offers the option of either conducting interviews via skype (either on-site at the hospital or off-site at a convenient location) or in person in either the Philippines or the UAE if a large recruitment campaign is desired. Healthperm would cover the cost of such a trip.
What is the structure of the interview?
Healthperm works to the employer’s specification. Most interviews are usually 10-15 mins and may be accompanied by a test. We will schedule a whole day of interviews with a 30 minute lunch break. The candidate is contacted 4 hrs prior to make sure there are no scheduling/technical issues. The team in the Philippines maintain sms/skype contact with the Healthperm coordinator in the UK to ensure smooth running.
How many nurses can you provide a month?
We work with the relevant facility to establish requirements taking consideration of the whole deployment process including availability of local licenses, ability to deploy numbers within the hospital, scheduling of on-boarding training etc. We seek to ensure all elements are scheduled to ensure a smooth process. We have experience of delivering Job Orders for hundreds of nurses for single employers.