In the UK, who will I be working for?
You will be working for a specific NHS trust or hospitals in the UK.
Do I need to pay agency placement fees or processing fees?
No, we don’t charge placement or processing fees for job placements in the UK.
What are the requirements for me to have a nursing career in the UK?
In order to work in the UK, you need to be UKVI Academic IELTS, CBT, NMC and OSCE qualified, as well as be a registered nurse.
Are there any costs associated with the UK’s registration process?
If you are not already UKVI Academic IELTS, CBT, NMC and OSCE qualified, you will have to pay to acquire these qualifications.
Is there any financial support from Healthperm to pay these costs?
– WE PAY FOR YOUR UKVI Academic IELTS! There is no catch. Once you are successfully placed in a job through Healthperm, we will refund the cost of your UKVI Academic IELTS exam, whether you obtained it before or during your communications with Healthperm. This money is yours to keep.
– WE FUND YOUR OSCE ASSESSMENT! Once you have passed your UKVI Academic IELTS and have a firm job offer, we will give you a loan to pay to take your OSCE. This will be paid back once you start earning a salary.
What kind of visa will I be issued if I’m successfully placed in the UK?
You will be issued a working visa for the UK
How long is the process from start to finish?
The process will take approximately 6 months, depending on how quickly you acquire the required qualifications.
Where will I live in the UK?
You will live in hospital accommodation for the first month and then our UK partner will help you find private accommodation.
If I am already in the UK, can I still look for a job through Healthperm?
Yes of course. We would be delighted to help you take the next step in your career progression. And since you are already in the UK, the recruitment process will be much simpler.
Candidate FAQs

What is UKVI Academic IELTS?
UKVI Academic IELTS  is the type of IELTS that is accepted by the NMC and UK Immigration Services. IETLS stands for International English Language Testing System which assesses the language ability of people who want to study or work where English is the language of communication. The UKVI Academic IELTS modules include: Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking. Doctors need a minimum academic band score of 7.5 in every module, and all other medical professionals need a minimum band score of 7 in every module.
What is CBT?
CBT is computer based training.
What is NMC?
The NMC stands for the ‘Nursing and Midwifery Council’, which regulates nurses and midwives in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Islands. The NMC sets standards for nurses and midwives to meet in their working lives.
What is OSCE?
Objective Structured Clinical Examination is a modern type of examination often used in health sciences (e.g.. Midwifery, orthoptics, optometry, medicine, naturopathic medicine, physician assistants/associates, physical therapy, radiography, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, chiropractic medicine, paramedicine, podiatry, veterinary medicine).
Will Healthperm help me to acquire UKVI Academic IELTS, CBT, NMC and OSCE?
We have a number of affiliates who will help you register and pass your UKVI Academic IELTS, CBT, NMC and OSCE.