Professor Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer for England, launched the largest ever national campaign to get patients up, dressed in their own clothes, and moving to boost their recovery at her 2018 Chief Nursing Officer summit.

For many, wearing pyjamas reinforces being sick and can prevent recovery. The #EndPJParalysis campaign aims to get older people back home to their loved ones living much happier and fuller lives. Making the most of valuable patient time is particularly important – as figures show nearly half of people aged over 85 die within one year of a hospital admission.

Studies show that three-in-five immobile, older patients in hospital had no medical reason that required bed rest and doubling the amount of walking while in hospital reduces the length of stay. Muscles quickly age when not used, leading to loss of strength and physical abilities.  For people aged over 80 years, 10 days on hospital bedrest is the equivalent of 10 years muscle aging. And considering that the human body takes longer to rebuild muscle than it does to lose it, this can exacerbate the difficulties of patient rehabilitation after their illness.

“One of the most valuable resources is a patients’ time and getting people up and dressed is a vital step in ensuring that they do not spend any longer than is clinically necessary in hospital. I urge all those caring for our older patients to help end PJ Paralysis and get involved in the 70-day challenge and show the impact they can make.” – Professor Jane Cummings

As an organization, Healthperm fully supports the campaign and we encourage all our nurses who care for older people, nationwide, to help them to get up and active especially if they are in hospital. The campaign will run from 17 April to 26 June 2018 to finish in time for the NHS 70th anniversary celebrations on 5 July.

Find out more about the campaign here.