Nursing Now: Empowering Nurses Worldwide

Healthperm welcomes the launch of a new campaign which aims to raise the status and profile of the nursing profession globally.  Nursing Now,  a programme of the Burdett Trust for Nursing, is a three-year global campaign run in collaboration with the International Council of Nurses and the World Health Organization. The campaign aims to empower nurses to take their place at the heart of tackling 21st Century health challenges.

Nurses are at the heart of most health teams, playing a crucial role in health promotion, disease prevention and treatment. As the health professionals who are closest to the community, they have a particular role in developing new models of community-based care and support local efforts to promote health and prevent disease.

Nursing Now will run to the end of 2020 – the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth, and a year when nurses will be celebrated worldwide. The campaign launches globally on 27 February 2018. Launch events in London and Geneva will be live-streamed from the Nursing Now website and Facebook page from 13:00-15:00 GMT.

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As an organisation, we pledge to support the aims of the campaign by advocating on behalf of our nurses and helping to raise awareness of the issues that are most important to their profession.  We encourage our nursing colleagues and partners to join us in supporting Nursing Now and look forward to becoming more involved in campaign activities over the coming months.

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Brexit Threat Adding to Mental Health Recruitment Struggle

In December 2017, 18 months on from the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, the first stage of negotiations relating to the UK’s departure from the EU concluded. At this stage in the process, what do we know about the possible impact on public health services?

A new briefing paper, Brexit and mental health, from the Mental Health Network NHS Confederation (MHN) which represents 93% of statutory mental health trusts in England, sets out an assessment of the possible implications of Brexit and some of the key questions relating to future workforce supply and legislation.

The implications of the UK’s departure from the European Union for the NHS are far-reaching. Some of these implications will require clarity as talks progress, for example around future workforce supply and regulation. The report makes clear that without access to European Union workers the sector could come under “intolerable strain” and that it would be impossible for the UK to train enough nurses in time to make up any Brexit shortfall.

The UK’s departure from the EU will have significant implications for mental health services and the wider NHS. This comes at a time when our services are already experiencing significant challenges. We must ensure that the NHS continues to have a sustainable pipeline of staff.  MNH

Healthperm agrees with these findings regarding the need for a sustainable pipeline of staff for the NHS.  While acknowledging that the needs of the social and healthcare sector are understandably complex, Healthperm’s CEO, Mr Steve Howson, cautions against over-restrictive immigration policies. “When considering the social value which healthcare workers bring”, said Mr Howson, “the key factor is to understand the lifetime cost of staff recruitment, deployment and retention during their tenure as well as the added value they contribute by ongoing development once in post. We are confident that we can support Hosptial and Mental Health Trusts in sourcing high caliber staff in both the Philippines and Middle East.”

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Recruitment crisis hits NHS with one in nine posts currently vacant

About 40,000 nursing posts are now vacant in the NHS in England as the service heads for the worst recruitment crisis in its history, according to official new data.

Responses to Freedom of Information requests submitted to trusts by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) show that one in nine posts are now unfilled – double the level in 2013. The data obtained by the RCN also suggests that fewer care providers are now employing registered nurses, raising new fears over patient safety.

Research in all four countries of the United Kingdom, carried out by ComRes for the RCN, shows that four out of five NHS nursing directors are worried that their hospitals rely on the goodwill of staff to keep services running, while two out of three say the financial pressures of maintaining an adequate service are worsening.

Commenting on the report, Steve Howson, CEO at Healthperm Resourcing, said “Healthperm recognizes the challenges that many Trusts face with attracting student nurses in the current climate and are able to support permanent International recruitment from the Philippines and the Middle East as part of an integrated workforce strategy which supports the NHS in the both the short and long-term.”

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Don’t Leave It To Chance: The Health and Care Nursing Workforce Supply in England

Healthperm welcomes a new report by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) which stresses the need for the Government to take action on the NHS’s deepening shortage of nurses.

The RCN reports the current number of nursing applications for the next academic year has fallen by a third since the same point in 2016, and by 13% since last year.

NHS Digital’s quarterly update detailing vacancy rates for a range of health professionals also showed that the number of unfilled advertised nursing and midwifery posts in England reached 34,260 in the three months to September – the highest level since records began. Across England as a whole, only one in seven of all empty nursing posts were filled.

The Royal College of Nursing voiced its alarm at how the unprecedented number of such vacancies had revealed “an NHS desperately short of nurses”.

Commenting on the report, Steve Howson, CEO at Healthperm Resourcing, said, “We believe a balanced approach is needed for the recruitment and retention of NHS staff. At Healthperm we are developing a strong track record of sourcing and delivering Filipino nurses from across the globe to support workforce recruitment and retention strategies.”

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Read the full report. Left to Chance: The Health and Care Nursing Workforce Supply in England.

NMC Updates IELTS Requirements – Healthperm Resourcing

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has updated its guidance on how the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) requirements can be achieved by nurses and midwives trained outside of the EU/European Economic Area (EEA).

All overseas applicants are still required to achieve a level of at least seven (out of a possible nine) in all categories – listening, reading, writing and speaking – of the academic version of the IELTS test.

However, applicants can now provide two separate IELTS certificates from two tests, as long as they are taken within six months of each other.

This means that if a candidate does not achieve a score of seven in a particular category in one test, they may still achieve it in a second test. However, applicants must not score below 6.5 in any category on either test.


For more information, please visit the NHS Employers website

Healthperm Lists on ISDX

23 September 2016

On 22 August 2016, Yujin, an AIM quoted cash shell, announced the proposed acquisition of Healthperm Resourcing Ltd for an initial consideration of approximately £11.2 million to be satisfied by the issue of new Ordinary Shares with deferred consideration potentially payable, also in new Ordinary Shares, depending on performance. The Acquisition was deemed to be a reverse takeover in terms of AIM Rule 14.

At the same time Yujin announced the proposed cancellation of the admission of its shares to trading on AIM, and the proposed admission of its shares to trading on the ISDX Growth Market, and also proposed, inter alia, to (i) undertake a consolidation of the Ordinary Shares; (ii) raise approximately £275,000 through subscriptions for New Ordinary Shares at a price of 150p per share (following the Share Consolidation); (iii) change the name of the Company to Healthperm Resourcing Ltd; and (iv) make a number of changes to the Board.

All resolutions were duly passed on 15 September 2016 and cancellation of the admission to trading on AIM of the Company’s shares took place at 7.30 a.m. today.

The New Ordinary Shares have today been admitted to trading on the ISDX Growth Market. On Admission, the Share Consolidation, completion of the Acquisition, completion of the Placing and the changes to the Board all took effect.

The Company is valued at approximately £13 million at the Placing Price of 150p per share.

The change of name of the Company to Healthperm Resourcing Ltd will take effect when registered with the Singaporean Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, which is expected to take place today.