Over 35,000 nurse posts in the health service in England are currently vacant, according to data published for the first time by NHS Improvement as part of its latest quarterly update.

The high number of unfilled posts has coincided with the NHS coming under immense pressure, with 250,000 more people visiting A&E than in the equivalent three-month period in 2016.

The regulator’s latest report puts official figures on nurse shortages in the public domain for the first time.

“All the evidence shows that standards of patient care rise and fall as nurse numbers do.” – Janet Davies, chief executive and general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing.

Commenting on the report, Healthperm CEO, Steve Howson said, “The publication of the NHS Improvements latest quarterly report has illustrated the acute need to fill the existing 100,000 vacancies.  Spending on the NHS has slowed in recent years and as a nation, we spend a lower proportion of our GDP on health compared to our European rivals.”

Nigel Edwards of the Nuffield Trust Think Tank said the latest figures show the NHS is “dangerously” short of staff.

“In some ways, the lack of crucial workers in the NHS is an even bigger problem than the lack of funding,” said Mr Edwards. “We can sign a cheque and bring back more money on-stream if the will is there, but there is no button to push which will suddenly bring us tens of thousands of qualified extra staff.”

“Healthperm believes that the key to success in tackling the problem is an integrated workforce strategy which includes the support of agencies to bring to the UK international healthcare workers. The choice of agency is paramount and careful consideration needs to be given to the ability of the agency to actually land candidates and then their subsequent success with post recruitment qualifications.” – Steve Howson

Trusts who work with Healthperm receive only candidates who have already met the English language requirements and our 100% success record with our nurses passing their OSCE once they arrive gives us a strong track record in helping to effectively and efficiently add permanent staff to the NHS workforce.

Contact us today to talk to our recruitment specialists about how we can help you source high-quality candidates for key nursing positions.

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